About Us


Newport Hair Restoration functions as a center for the treatment of hair loss. It is built around the primary goal of providing the highest level of care for individuals with thinning hair and loss of hair, with the primary focus on non-surgical treatments. We understand that many individuals opt out or are not candidates for hair transplant. We provide different options and different programs to such individuals. We treat both men and woman and highly emphasize on embarrassing thinning hair on the female population. Our practice model emphasizes on the patient and puts their needs first.

About Dr. Khavarian

Dr. B. Khavarian is a Board Certified Internist who has been practicing Internal Medicine for over 15 years in Orange County, California. Dr. Khavarian completed her Internal Medicine Residency at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Her interest in non-surgical hair growth has stemmed from seeing various patients, especially woman, who worry about their thinning and loss of hair. This sparked an interest for Dr. Khavarian to help her patients find a solution to their problem. She started researching different treatment plans and updated herself with various procedures to help her patients. Her training and practice of Internal Medicine provides her with invaluable knowledge and skill in providing the best treatments for her patients. Not only is she well versed in diseases causing loss/thinning hair but she is confident and comfortable with find the right treatment plan for every patient. Dr. Khavarian is a caring physician who stays up to date on recent medical literature, evidence-based guidelines and the newest techniques.